Cadenza Pianos turn public spaces into joyous meeting points

Our Cadenza Piano

Smart. Social. Sturdy

Cadenza’s pianos are built to endure any weather, and are powered by sophisticated proprietary technology designed <br>to bring people together through the magic of music

Transform your world with music

Each Cadenza piano is handcrafted with care and precision.

We offer a varieties of selection of designer styles of Pianos.


Upward of 120 seat recital halls or fancy piano to choose from for your occasion


Many Pianos to choose from


Piano requires many uptake, we provide those services for you.

In September 2018, Zhang Qinghang, the president of Cadenza went to Italy in person to reach a cooperation with Andrea Colombini, the president of Puccini e La Sua Lucca International Festival. With the cooperation, Cadenza Piano has become exclusive instruments for the La Sua Lucca International Festival. The Festival will become Cadenza representatives in Europe for the distribution and sale of Cadenza instruments.


Cadenza Piano